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Who am I?

My name is Alivia Haven, and I’m a writer and freelance illustrator. But I am so much more than that. I’m a reader. A thinker. A dreamer. A creator. A lover (not a fighter.)


I’ve been creating stories my entire life, and writing them down almost as long. Creative writing was always something I did for fun, but never something that I thought I would take seriously. As in, try to make it my career seriously. I know the life of an author is tricky and unstable and I will never ever be rich from it. And that’s okay. Because I’ve discovered, in my meager two decades of life, that I would much rather live a life that makes me happy than a life that makes me rich for the sake of being rich.

I’m currently working on two YA fantasy novels as my main projects. They are at very different stages (one is still an uncompleted draft.) I can only hope that one of them is the book that lands me an agent. Fingers crossed!

There are several more novel ideas floating around – some far more developed than others – just waiting for their chance to be written!

I will have a blog post soon dedicated solely to my current writing projects, plans, goals, and dreams. So keep an eye out for that!

Freelance Writing

In addition to novel writing, I am also dabbling in nonfiction and freelance writing. I have a few nonfiction works in the making (articles and essays) and a few more waiting to be written.

I have one article already published on Medium!

I’ve been looking into earning income as a freelance writer, and it’s something I really want to work towards in the new year!


I also dabble a little in poetry, but not as much as the two types of writing listed above. My poetry writing has evolved from the songwriting I dabbled in my last two years of high school, and I feel that it needs a lot more refinement.

But I also have a few poems published on Medium! You can find them by searching my name, Alivia Haven!


I’ve been devouring stories just as long as I’ve been creating them! My mother always read to me as a small child, and when I was about three I began reading along with her from memory. She began teaching me then, and I was a quick learner. She created an unstoppable reading machine. By the time I was in the third grade, my school librarian had to call a meeting with her because I was checking out and reading college level books. Thankfully my mother never did try to censor my reading, and told the librarian I could check out anything I wanted.

I like to think my wide, uncensored range of reading from an early age is one of the main contributors to my open-mindedness and empathy as an adult. Reading transports you to worlds, cultures, societies, and ideas you might never have been exposed to otherwise. It truly is a magical thing.

Favorite Genres

As a child I read vastly – pretty much anything and everything I could get my hands on. I didn’t limit myself by genre or author. In some ways I miss those blissful, carefree days.

Now, as a young adult, I find myself drawn to that category of fiction far more than others. And while I’ve always felt a strong pull towards all things fantastical and magical (thank you Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), I now find that I almost solely read fantasy. And YA fantasy at that.

But I have made it a goal to branch out a little more in the year 2020, and I’ve already begun to a little with my current read – an adult historical fiction about the Roman emperor Nero (which I’m quite enjoying.)

I would also like to read more nonfiction in the new year (and decade!!), and some more literary classics. I do love me a good classic, but it’s been many years since I’ve read one, and I haven’t read many in total.

I would like to just read more in 2020 than the 25 books I managed this year. Maybe I could try to double it and read 50?

Other Hobbies

As for the other aspects of my life, the ones this blog won’t be focusing on . . .


My main other passion/hobby is illustration. Specifically character illustration. I participate mostly in digital art now, but I started with traditional and would like to go back to my roots a little more in the coming year (more on that in my 2020 goals blog post, coming soon).

I am a freelance artist, which means I take commissions from clients and create custom drawings for them. I’m also looking into opening a store in the future, where I can sell some of my original works as prints.


I’m also a guitar player, although more of an aspiring one now. I played acoustic rhythm guitar for around three years, then abruptly stopped for a while. Around two years I believe? But I’ve recently picked the hobby back up and am woking toward the skill level I was at before I quit!

I also enjoy singing, maybe a little too much. (Ask my cat, I’m sure she’s sick of hearing it.) But I certainly don’t list my singing as a talent hahahaha.

This Blog

My goals for this blog are pretty straightforward. I simply wanted a place that I could share my thoughts about books and book related things, while also talking about writing progress, thoughts, emotions, etc.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this blog, and I can’t wait to get started! I can’t wait to see how it grows over time!


Published by Alivia Haven

Aspiring author, avid reader.

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