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2020 Writing Goals and Dreams

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New year, new decade, new beginnings. A lot of people find New Year’s resolutions to be incredibly cliché, and I can’t say I entirely disagree. However, both 2018 and 2019 were filled with low points and giant changes for me. Needless to say, I’m ready for the fresh start that I feel 2020 can bring for me. 

And while I do have some personal resolutions and other goals, in this post I wanted to discuss my plans for writing. I actually have quite a few things I want to accomplish with my projects before the year is up, and even a few more things that I hope will happen but are out of my control. So, I’ll be dividing this post into two parts – goals, or things within my control,  and dreams, or things out of my control. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


This is actually a pretty lengthy list, I tend to be very ambitious with these things hahahhaha. But, I’ll try to condense it into something a little more readable. I’ve decided to arrange these from most to least manageable, with general writing goals first then project specific goals!

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General Writing Goals

The first writing goal I have for the new year is one I think a lot of writers may share, and that’s just to form a writing habit (and stick with it!!). When I started taking writing seriously last summer, I would write at random times of the day and night, with no routine or schedule to speak of. I wouldn’t write consistently either, and thus my first WIP, Project Dragon, took over five months to draft. 

Nanowrimo helped me realize that having some form of routine helps my productivity immensely. (And setting daily word count goals, but I’m getting to that.)

However, usually strict, rigorous schedules are the fastest way to bore me with something. I absolutely detest the monotony. 

So in 2020 I’m hoping to form a writing routine that focuses more on habits and productivity, rather than strict schedules. 

And I’ll be sure to write a post going further into detail once I start forming this routine!

Another goal, that might seem a little obvious, is to work on this blog as much as I can! I just started it last month, so I have a lot of growing and learning to do as the year goes on! I would like to figure out a posting schedule (right now I’m leaning towards three times a week, but I’m not sure which days.) I’ve wanted to start something like this for a long time, so I plan on pouring my heart into it! 

I’m also planning to work on a freelance writing portfolio this year. While I could potentially use some of my blog posts for it, I want some experience writing non-fiction articles! I started this last year, but it quickly got pushed to the side for other things. I want to make an effort to focus on it more throughout this year!

Project Goals

My first project related goal for the year is to finish drafting my second WIP, codenamed Project Dragon. I started this WIP in November for Nano (and won!!!), but the 50k words only got me about halfway through the story. Fantasy is a bitch lmfao, especially considering it’s a stand-alone. (At least it better be, or I’m calling the writing police.)

I’m hoping to finish the first draft by the end of February! I was going to participate in what people like to call “Januwrimo” (98% sure I didn’t spell that right) and finish it by the end of January, but I just have entirely too much going on in my personal life for that to be a realistic goal. Plus, I want to be a little kinder to myself with deadlines and expectations, so the end of February it is! 

Which leads us into my next goal, which is completing the first two rounds of revision for my first WIP, codenamed Project Dragon. I finished the first draft back at the beginning of December (MUCH EXCITE), and it’s been a struggle to not immediately tear into editing hahaha. I’ve never revised a novel before, so it will be a brand new experience for me and I can hardly wait! 

The beginning of February will mark two months since I completed the first draft, so I plan to start my read through then! (Which yes, means I will be reading then editing Project Dragon while drafting Project Genie, I am aware.) 

And then, once that round of edits (aka Draft 2) is completed, I’ll wait another two months before starting the second round! 

Another goal of mine is also to edit Project Genie (duh.) If I can meet my deadline of March 1st for the first draft, I’ll be able to start draft two in May! What I’m really aiming for is a steady, alternating flow of work between the two for the first half of the year, at the very least. While I’m stepping away from one for two months, I’ll be working on the other! 

Okay so the goals I listed above are pretty obtainable. They depend solely on me and my work ethic. But now we’re heading into some goals that are definitely still obtainable, but a little less easily. You’ll see what I mean. 

To be more specific about my revision goals, for both WIPS, I want to complete two rounds of edits for each project (which would put both projects at Draft Three – at different times, of course.)

Once the project has reached Draft Three, I’ll start searching for beta readers. 

DISCLAIMER>>> this may change. I may feel that the projects aren’t quite ready for beta readers at that stage when the time comes. If that becomes the case, I’ll simply go through another round of edits with each one, and continue doing so until I feel comfortable sharing them with beta readers. 

My goal is to have beta reader feedback for both projects by the last quarter of the year. This is so that I can achieve one more round of edits with each project before the year is over, with the beta reader feedback. 

I’m aware this is a pretty lofty goal, which is why I said it’s attainable, but not easily. At the very least, I hope to have beta reader feedback for Project Dragon by the end of the year, as it’s my first WIP and a little further along than Project Genie. 

And moving from that point even further into lofty goals, I hope to be at the querying stage (probably with Project Dragon) by the end of 2020. 

However, I don’t want to rush either of my projects, so if neither of them are ready to be queried in 2020 I’m not going to beat myself up over it. There’s always next year! 

And with that, we reach the end of writing things I wish to accomplish that are (mostly) within my control! So now let’s move on to the things I’m wishing for, but can’t control at all.


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Bouncing right off my last goal for the year, it would be absolutely incredible if 2020 is the year that I sign with a literary agent. I understand this isn’t realistic so I’m not getting my hopes up (too high) or anything, but man oh man would it would be amazing hahahaha. 

Some dreams that are a little less ridiculous, but certainly not within my control, are number related. I’m hoping to gain 350 followers on this blog by the end of the year! Is that a crazy number for a blog these days? Probably. But I’m nothing if not ambitious. 

I’m also planning to work on my authortube channel (although I’m not as sure of that as I was a couple of months ago . . .) 

If I do stick with it, I hope to reach 500 subscribers by the end of the year! I’m currently at around 120, so it’s certainly not an impossible goal. Right? Heh . . .

And finally, last but definitely not least, I’m hoping to start earning money from freelance writing. It’s just one of those things that depends on me building a strong portfolio (which is a goal, of course) and then the luck of finding jobs! But the extra income would certainly be nice. 

And that’s a wrap!

Those are all the writing things I plan or hope to achieve by the end of the year! It’s a very ambitious list, I’m well aware, but a girl can dream eh? (aannnddd now “I’ve Got a Dream” is stuck in my head. Again. Thank you Disney+ for giving me unrestrained access to Tangled -__-)

What are your plans and wishes for the new year? I also have some reading related plans, so I’ll be writing about those next! 

Wishing you all the best of luck with your resolutions and goals, and the absolute best start to the new decade!!! 

Don’t forget to live in books! (that is way, way too cheesy for a sign off, I am never typing that again.)


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